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Pita Pit

Fresh Thinking - Healthy Eating

Pita Pit

We'd like to share some thoughts about what we do and why we think you'll make Pita Pit your meal destination.

With the move toward low carbohydrate and fat reduced diets, sandwich bread and pizza crust are losing their popularity. While the pita shell is light, soft, and tasty, it is not the meal. It is the delivery mechanism. Inside are the fresh vegetables with the lower fat and protein people seek.

The customer sees real meat, such as chicken breast, turkey, ham, gyro, philly steak or roast beef, put on the grill. No microwave cooking in our stores! The taste of grilled meat is like no other and the aroma attracts customers and builds anticipation for the meal.

Casual & Friendly 
The Pita Pit is a fun place to be. Meat sizzling on the grill, bold colors, lighting, and animated characters. We develop a relationship with their customers. Extraordinary customer service is key. Each pita sandwich is made carefully to each customer’s specifications.

Pita Pit customers are served quickly. There is very little packaging, just a paper wrapper, so the customer can eat on-the-run. We'll be open late (until 3 A.M. most nights). We offer delivery to most places.

The Next Big Thing 
The Pita Pit is where the future is in quick service. We are the next link in the evolutionary chain. We are beyond burgers, fries, pizza, and doughnuts. Pitas are unique, interesting and delicious. The Pita Pit is a cool place where the staff knows your name.

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Pita Pit
139 West Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: 610-918-PITA

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