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Parking validations during Gay Street construction

Chestnut St Garage

January 23, 2019

Two hour parking validation chasers are available to Gay Street businesss patrons at no charge during the Aqua Gay Street Water Main Replacement Project. The validations can be used at either the Bicentennial or Chestnut Street garages at the long-term parking area through the gates where a garage ticket must be taken. Cars park for free for up to two-hours and then will be charged at the regular rate. Parking is paid at the walk-up kiosk before exiting.

These special validation chasers expire on March 31, 2019.

See businesses that offer FREE parking during construction:

Short-term parking is also available on the lower level of the Chestnut Street garage -- $1 an hour for up to three hours.

Chestnut St GarageTo exit the garage with a validation chaser, follow these instructions:

1. Insert the yellow ticket at the walk-up kiosk located near the elevators. The black stripe should face up and to the right.

2. When the kiosk asks for payment, insert the white chaser with the black stripe facing up and to the right.

3. Once the validation is processed, it may ask for additional payment if the validation doesn't cover the entire parking fee (more than two hours).

4. The walk-up kiosk will print out a yellow exit pass.

5. Guests can then use the exit pass at the exit gates to exit the garage.

These instructions also appear at the walk-up kiosk screen when processing an exit ticket. Many thanks to West Chester Borough for providing this service.

Thank you for supporting downtown family businesses!



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