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Meeting minutes discussing the East Gay Street Improvement Project

April 18, 2018 – 3PM
Hosted by Adam Wetzel, West Chester BID Board of Directors, at Side Bar & Restaurant, 10 East Gay Street.


Donny Moore -- The Social; Krissy Flynn -- Classic Diner; Dave VanRyn -- VanRyn’s Barber Shop; Adam Wetzel -- Side Bar & Restaurant; Justin Dougherty -- Side Bar & Restaurant; Ashley Tischler – Tish Boutique; Tonda DiPasquale – Tish Boutique; Alysha Martinelli, La Chic Boutique; Jim Magee – Zukin Realty; Gail Prettyman – Stifel Financial; Patrick Comerford – Jane Chalfant / Kiki Boutique; Tim Meyer – Advantage BFS; Thomas Crisp – Balance Hair Spa Studio; Biff Piner – Balance Hair Spa Studio; Roberto Guadagnini – Teca; Keith Kurowski – Borough of West Chester; Polly Zobel – Kaly; Matt Davis – BB&T; Sandy Riper – Sunset Hill Jewelers & Fine Arts Gallery; Frank Herron – Saloon 151; Scott Zukin – Zukin Realty, Inc; Patrick McKenna – Gawthrop Greenwood; Lisa Powell – Gawthrop Greenwood; Joshua Tieck – MedPark; Rob Doerr – MedPark; Chris Blakely – WC BID; John Brandt Lee – Avalon; Mike Perrone – Borough of West Chester; Scott Neumann – PECO; Diane LeBold – Borough Council President; Malcolm Johnstone – WC BID; Tom Walsh – WC BID Board; Mark Yoder – Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce; Elizabeth McGuire – WC BID; Elle Steinman – WC BID; O’B Laing – Borough Public Works; Mike Taggart – Borough Public Works.  

Malcolm Johnstone made opening remarks, and introduced representatives from the Borough, Borough Council, Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce, and PECO.  

Scott Neumann, External Affairs Manager for PECO, said that sub-contractors will begin the process of installing high-pressure gas lines on East Gay St., between High & Matlack Streets, beginning in Mid-May 2018 (exact date TBD). Construction will take place during business days (Mon-Fri), from 7am until 4pm, daily. PECO anticipates up to (60) days to complete the installations. During construction, traffic will be diverted to Chestnut Street, and East Gay will re-open for vehicular traffic at 4pm each day. Sidewalk accessibility on East Gay will remain uninterrupted for the duration of the project. Access to Handicap parking will be available.  

The construction crew will be working in 100-foot sections. Each section should take 3-5 days to complete. Temporary patching of affected area(s) will be done throughout the construction period. The state has up to 60 days to repave. Deliveries and trash trucks will be given access to the degree possible.

Gas services to each property will be replaced. Meters will stay indoors; however, a small gas regulator (required by law) will be located outside each property. Gas Service to individual properties will be shut down for approx. 1-hour, as installations are completed. 

After East Gay, construction will begin on Walnut. Only during work at the intersection will work likely be completed during overnight hours.

Open discussion then took place. Those in attendance asked that an evening work schedule be considered, and the project be moved to a July/August timeframe. Comments were made that Zukin’s Gay St. apartment move outs were scheduled for last week in May/first week in June. Possibly switch the business district construction schedule with the planned residential neighborhood improvements.

PECO was in discussions with the Borough regarding losses in parking revenues. Mike Perrone, Borough Manager, offered to meet, individually, with business owners to discuss possible reimbursement for café license expense.

The BID will work with businesses, individually and collectively, to mitigate impact.  Additional print ads, articles, and social media efforts to promote “Open During Construction” positive messaging. Currently working with Fig, County Lines, West Chester Press, Daily Local News, and West Chester Parks & Recreation. There will be partnering with the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce on social media efforts. Plenty of signage at key locations.  

Scott Neumann agreed to Jim McGee’s request for PECO to provide businesses with notice, one week in advance, of the specific 100’ sections that are scheduled for the following week.  

The anticipated hotel development is being factored into these improvements.  

PECO will have a staging area at the Market Street train station, where construction vehicles will be parked.  
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Submitted by Elizabeth McGuire

Contact: Malcolm Johnstone


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