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National History Day at Gallery Walk


Come and be amazed by the National History Day 2016 Documentary Winners!

Friday, October 7, 2016 | 5pm-7pm

As part of the Greater West Chester Chamber Gallery Walk the Chester County Historical Society, 225 N High St, will show winning documentaries from last year’s Regional National History Day (NHD) competition, and have a History Slam (two minute talks on local topics). Through this event, CCHS hopes to inspire new students, recruit interested volunteers, and encourage all to visit West Chester for an evening of learning and camaraderie. Each documentary is ten minutes; plan to arrive on time for the performances that interest you!


NHD Movie Schedule

5:15pm Jessica Ding, Midula Pillai, Jordan Shaw, and Fatinah Sheikh:
"Ring Around the Rosie: Trade and Encounter of the Black Death"
As civilizations thrived and prevalent trade routes connecting Asia and Europe appeared, trade became an important factor that led to the exchanging of ideas and culture, but also a negative impact: the introduction of the Black Death.

5:30pm Elizabeth Chen:
“Exploring the Eighth Continent: Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web"
An inspiring examination of how Tim Berners-Lee, powered by determination and optimism, linked hypertext and the internet to create a space for everyone on the World Wide Web.

5:45pm Ryan Oliver:
“The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in the Civil War: An Exploration of New War Tactics”
The Civil War could not have been won if it were not for the assistance of John Garrett and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Learn more about the tactical use of the railroad in warfare and many key Civil War battles.

6:00pm Timothy Holtman:
“Slavery and Abolition in Pennsylvania: Economic Circumstances Encounter Moral Exchange”
An exploration of the complex, often-ignored historical relationship between slavery and the state of Pennsylvania. Often thought of as the center of American abolitionism, early Pennsylvania was not as kind to African Americans as it might seem.

6:15pm Sophia Skorup, Caroline Voegele:
“Cracking the Cryptographer”
This documentary explores the life of the world renowned cryptographer Alan Turing, who used his computing skills to crack the German Enigma while at the same time encountering grief at the hands of those he fought for.

6:30pm Kenny Boggess, Maria Fourakis, Mathew Iozzi:
Nationally Ranked Student Documentary: “Nixon and China”
America and China were as far apart as possible, politically, geographically, and socially; sworn enemies for years. Diplomatic actions by Nixon allowed for the revolutionary re-opening of relations and directly caused our strong trade relationship today.


Metered street parking in West Chester is free on First Fridays from 5pm to 9pm. You can park at the Chestnut Street Parking Garage, located at Chestnut & Walnut Streets, across from the Chester County Historical Society for a small fare. See the Parking Tab for more details. 


 For information about National History Day in Southeastern Pennsylvania, contact Kelly Meagher at 610-692-4800 x202 or


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