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National History Day Winners, March 4 & 5, 2016

Senior Individual Performance

1) Amadea Smith for Exploring the Mind: Anna Strong

2) Daniel Holtzer for Thomas Paine - Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange

3) Rose McDonald for Carrie Burnham: Pennsylvania's Pioneer  

Senior Individual Documentary

1) Olivia Knapp for Exploring the Great Blue with Jacques Cousteau

2) Elizabeth Chen for Exploring the Eighth Continent: Tim Berners-Lee

Senior Group Documentary

1) Caroline Voegele, Sophia Skorup for Cracking the Cryptographer

2) Jessica Ding, Midhula Pillai, Jordan Shaw, Fatinah Sheikh for Ring Around the Rosie

3) Adam Funk, Louis Kontaras, Stephen Pastore for From Friends to Foes: English Immigrants' Ecounters and Exchanges With Native Americans

Senior Individual Paper

1) Casey Liberatoscioli for Clifford Beers and the Mental Hygiene Movement: An Exploration, Encounter and Exchange Within the World of Mental Health

2) Emily Gabos for Intersectional Feminism: No Woman Left Behind

3) Allison Ferrante for Exploring the Unknown: The Disaster of the Shuttle Challenger

Senior Group Performance

1) Max Mooney, Zoe Pratt, Elizabeth Schaeffer for AIDS: A Social Exploration

2) Ria Coen Gilbert, Vail Finn, Josh Klaczak, Ronan Mayock for The Destroyer of Worlds

3) Melanie Dernoga, Katie Heffernan, Charlotte Kalilec, Sarah Woods for The Stanford Prison Experiment

Senior Individual Exhibit

1) Rvhiey Vergara for Jose Rizal: The Novelist Who Nationalized thet Philippines

2) Tony Cutrara for Augustus: The First

3) Kaitlin Dugan for Galileo Galilei

Senior Group Exhbit

1) Theo Carmichael, Alden Mathes, Seth Moyer for The Race to the North Pole

2) Meryl Biju, Camryn Direso, Elizabeth Meiklejohn for Exploration of Imagination: Walt Disney

3) Destiny Copps-Trusty, Anna-Colette Haynes, Avery Louise for Artemisia Gentileschi

Senior Individual Website

1) David Hasani for Charles Darwin: Exploring the Galapagos Islands

2) Andrew Nestor for Genghis Kahn

3) Harmandeep Singh for Hernan Cortes: Encountering the Aztecs

Senior Group Website

1) Thomas Gardler, Mason Quinn, Demetri Tsitsios for Touchdown Vikings: The Impacts of Viking Encounters in Europe

2) Alexandra Hammonds, Rebecca Ritchie, Gloria Zacharias for The Robbery of Rosalind: Explorations in DNA Structure

3) Alexis Murphy-Costanzo, Lavneet Sangha for Susan B. Anthony: Exploring the World of Women's Suffrage and Encountering the Law

Junior Individual Performance

1) Anna Delaney for Eleanor

2) Gabriella Palmer for Hedy Lamarr, The beauty with the Brains

3) Aleni Voskeridjian for The Demise of Oscar Wilde

4) Angelina Toole for The Transcontinental Railroad: Building America Rail by Rail

Junior Individual Documentary

1) Ryan Oliver for The Importance of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in the Civil War

2) Timothy Holtman for Slavery and Abolition in Pennsylvania: Economic Circumstances Ecounter Moral Exchange

3) Noah Makowicz for Apollo 13: Out of the Atmosphere and Out of Air

Junior Group Performance

1) Courtney Keith, Kate Fitzgerald for Antarctica Under Ice: The Heroic Age of Exploration

2) Akshaya Bharath, Emma Kang, Shanti Hug, Rory Harper for The Journey of Walt Disney

Junior Individual Papers

1) Colin White for Apollo 13: The Successful Failure

2) Estelle Atkinson for Judith Sargent Murray: Ardent Author and Fierce Feminist

3) Mary Emma Guldi for Voyage to the Heavens: A New Era of Exploration Fueled by Technology Allowing Mankind to Encounter New Worlds

Junior Individual Exhibits

1) Matt Sivo for Frank Lloyd Wright

2) Abby Cooper for The Founding of Yellowstone National Park: An Idea the Started a Revolution

3) Bryn O’Hara for The Wright Brothers: Exploration of Flight.

Junior Group Exhibits

1) Jesse Conen, Mohen Li, Matthew De Vlieghere for Maria Montessori

2) Chloe Hannum, Abby Jansen for Zimmerman Telegram

3) Henlee Nevins, Emma Leppert, Maria-Yolanda Wolfer for Pandemic to Prevention

Junior Group Documentary

1) David Fritz, Ethan Strohmetz for Conquering Everest: Man Versus Mountain

2) Kenneth Boggess, Mary Fourakis, Mathew Iozzi for Nixon and China

3) Allie Lynch, Delaney Pickerd, Chloe Campbell, Julianna Bell, Anna Zikas for The First Televised Presidential Debate

Junior Individual Website

1) Asa Hartman for Marbury v. Madison: The Case that Changed America

2) Meghan O'Meara for The Explorations, Encounters, and Exchanges of Charles Darwin

3) Gwendolyn Pohlmann for Breaking the Mold: Frida Kahlo's Combat of the Cultural Norm Through Her Views, Actions, and Artwork

Junior Group Website

1) Christina Suh, Kyra Lee for Amelia Earhart

2) Samantha McHugh, Paige Smethurst, Abbey Vandergast, Sarina Abate, Maddie Kelijikian for FDR and the New Deal

3) Lilly Moul, Michelle Zheng for The Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange of Marie Curie


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