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Joel Roberts, singer/songwriter

Joel RobertsIt's rare to hear a young performer who can tap into his own personal soul to make the music and lyric of a dozen lifetimes. But Joel Roberts, who makes his home in West Chester, touches more than just pretty rhymes. He gets behind and inside and underneath the stories of his songs. With his guitar--often with the addition of lean accompaniment by a few friends--you can immediately hear the sound that he totally owns.

Joel is now making an artistic breakout starting with his winning the 2013 Songwriter Contest conducted by the Uptown Entertainment Alliance. His original songs and personal reflective style made his selection an easy choice. It also provided him with performance opportunities, he's headlining at The Note on June 1, as well as time in the recording studio.

Of course, as with all artists, time tells the fortune; we simply witness. But an effort to listen to Joel's music will conjour a connection that can only grow.

May 27, 2013 | Malcolm Johnstone


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