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West Chester gets top ranking on new MapQuest Vibe website

Algorithmic Rankings Help Consumers Better Engage on a Local Level

May 16, 2012

mqVibeWest Chester, PA -- MapQuest Vibe, a new website componant of, has given West Chester Borough a Vibe Score of 9.9, the highest possible. In a brief search no other community was found to have that score. West Chester is regarded as "Walkable & Lively" with "Popularity" "Going Out" and "Walkability" as the high ranking items. It scored lowest as "Burby." See the West Chester page at

MapQuest Vibe, also called mqVibe, generates real-time rankings of neighborhoods, local hotspots and points-of-interest using sophisticated algorithms. It was designed to provide a unique platform that gives people relevant information to help them make decisions, according to MapQuest. mqVibe also provides a unique neighborhood perspective through rankings of restaurants, shopping, services and cultural attractions, among other insights.



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