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Keystone Facade Grant Funding

West Chester BIDJanuary 2013

West Chester, PA -- The West Chester BID, a municipal authority, is currently administrating applications (pending appropriations) for Keystone Facade Grant Funding taking place within the Business Improvement District.

The Keystone Façade Grant Program is designed to stimulate private investment in properties, foster an attractive environment and preserve the architectural heritage within the West Chester Historic Districts. The Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development has allocated $50,000 to the West Chester BID for 2013/2014 Keystone Façade Grant funding.

Keystone Façade Grant Program Conditions

  • Grants are for exterior commercial building improvements within the West Chester Business Improvement District.
  • The Keystone Façade Grant limit is $5,000 per façade.
  • The grant must be matched dollar-for-dollar by the individual owner of the property or their lease holders.
  • An application may be submitted anytime through February 1, 2014. The BID Design Committee, which meets on the first Friday of the month, 8:00am, at the BID office, reviews applications and recommends approval to the Board of Directors.
  • Payment to the grantee of a qualified project is made in the form of a reimbursement to the applicant once appropriate receipts are provided to the BID along with proof of completion. Payments are disbursed by the Pennsylvania Department of Economic & Community Development and are contingent on available funds.

Projects Eligible for Reimbursement

  • Exterior Woodwork and Architectural Metals (Repair, cleaning, restoration, painting or replacement).
  • Masonry (Repair, repointing, repainting if originally painted, or low-pressure cleaning).
  • Windows and Doors (Repair, restoration, repainting and replacement in-kind of windows including louvered or panel shutters, exterior doors and entryways).
  • Cornices, Parapets and Roofs (Repair, restoration or replacement when in conjunction with a façade renovation, or when it is a visible part of the building façade).
  • Signs, Awnings and Canopies (Maintenance, repair or placement of existing, or the installation of new signs, awnings and/or canopies).
  • Lighting Fixtures (Exterior lighting fixtures for a façade or fixtures providing indirect sign lighting).

Non-eligible Projects

  • Partial façade improvements, particularly upper façades needing improvement.
  • Work completed after May 31, 2014.
  • Landscaping.
  • Site improvements, such as sidewalks and paving.

Façade renovations must be in compliance with the Secretary of Interior Standards for Historic Preservation with approval by HARB and the Borough Council or the BID.

For projects requesting Keystone Façade Grant funding, Prevailing Wage requirements are generally applicable for construction, demolition, reconstruction, alteration, repair work, renovations, build-out and installation of machinery and equipment in excess of $25,000.00. Questions as to final Prevailing Wage obligations should be directed to the Bureau of Law Compliance at 800-932-0665.

For more information and an application, contact Malcolm Johnstone, Executive Director, West Chester BID, 610-738-3350, or e-mail



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