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Borough Council begins process to reduce height limit

January 31, 2012

West Chester, PA -- With a 5-2 vote, West Chester Borough Council began the process that will lower the height limit within the downtown Height Overlay District from 45-feet by right, 75-feet with conditional use plus an addition 15-feet for residential uses to 45-feet by right, up to 60-feet with conditional use.

Council members made it clear that do not want to rush the process in order to allow time for Eli Kahn and Jack Loew to submit their proposed development for approval at the corner of Gay and Church Streets. This will vest their project under the current code. Council may then vote to make the final change to the code.

In order to make this change in the Borough code, a new ordinance must be drafted and a public hearing scheduled. Council agreed not to continue with that part of the process until June.

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