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Urban engineer from Japan selects downtown West Chester for a study visit

Hiro Matsumako & Malcolm JohnstoneOctober 8, 2010

West Chester, PA -- The National Main Street Center, a division of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, recently selected downtown West Chester as a site visit for Hiro Matsumoto, who is touring various cities in the United States as he prepares a treatise and articles on urban revitalization.

The West Chester BID has been informed that an article on Mr. Matsumoto's visit to West Chester and his experience here has already been published in Japan.

Mr. Matsumoto is from Fukaya, Saitama, about 40 minutes from Tokyo. He is with the Department of Urban Engineering at the University of Tokyo. That area is seeking to enhance it's revitalization efforts and there is an interest in studying successful American models. West Chester was chosen in part based on the West Chester BID website.

The weekend visit was arranged by Lauren Adkins, Assistant Director for Field Services for the National Main Street Center in Washington DC. The local tour was provided by Malcolm Johnstone, Executive Director of the West Chester BID.

The West Chester Business Improvement District is accredited as a National Main Street Program by the National Main Street Center.

Image: Hiro Matsumoto (left) and Malcolm Johnstone

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