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West Chester LLC is again accepting applications from entrepreneurs for small business funding

September 29, 2010South High St

West Chester, PA -- The West Chester LLC, formed in 2007, is looking again to invest in the local economy.  They aim to offer new and existing businesses the funding needed to get creative and innovative ideas off the ground. This, in turn, strengthens and diversifies our local business economy. Using a combination of private capital, banks loans and/or governmental support, the West Chester LLC's end goals are not only about profits, but also about creating a revolving business fund that can help West Chester grow.

With a motto of Buy Local/Invest Local, the West Chester Library Labor and Capital is a for-profit company with a philanthropic vision.  The investing members are inspired to do business that is both supportive of a thriving local business community and profitable.  

The first and largest investment, in 2007, was a loan to the West Chester Public Library which had just completed an ambitious $2.3 million renovation and rehabilitation project. Usable library space within the 120 year old building on North Church Street was effectively doubled without disturbing the beautiful historic landmark, originally erected in 1888.

The LLC's mission is to provide capital to innovative small businesses and entrepreneurs for projects that will accelerate progress right here at home.

To apply for funding or to get more information , please contact the WCLLC at 610-696-3737 or via email at  Your submission should include your business plan, personal resume and 3 references.

"More knowledge and a sense of vested interest in the success of the town are vital to sustaining the economic momentum that West Chester has already achieved. The West Chester LLC encourages greater resident involvement in the small businesses of this town, through either ownership, employment, or by being loyal customers."

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