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Chestnut Street Garage Advertising Program

Commercial advertising is now allowed at the new Chestnut Street garage.

Updated October 12, 2010

West Chester -- One of the design features of the Chestnut Street Garage is the installation of ten display frames placed inside and outside the facility. Each frame has three panels for a total of 30 panels that are used for informational or advertising opportunities. There are two frame sizes: the smaller frames are 33-3/4 x 24-3/4 inches with a view area of approximately 32x23 inches. The larger frames are 45x30 inches.

Panels located inside the garage at the exit areas are reserved for commercial advertising. The outside panels are reserved for public information related to the Borough and other public agencies. All panels are lighted.

>> The rental rate for each panel is $20 per month for up to three months, paid in advance -- first-come, first-served basis. A panel is reserved only after payment is received and a prospective renter may be place on a waiting list for next available panel.

>> Renter is responsible for the content with the approval of the Borough and the BID.

>> Panels may be changed anytime by the renter.

The Chestnut Street Garage has 689 parking spaces and 16 bicycle lockers. Several hundred people use the facility each day.

To reserve a frame, contact Malcolm Johnstone at the West Chester BID at 610-738-3350 or e-mail

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