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Éclat Caramels Win Sofi Silver Award

Eclat logoWEST CHESTER, PA (July 8, 2010) -  Éclat Chocolate has done it again! Their acclaimed "World's Greatest Caramels" have been awarded the sofi Silver at the 2010 NASFT Fancy Food Show. The sofi Awards are to food as the Golden Globes and Academy Awards are to Hollywood and the Grammy's are to music. Out of 110 submissions for the "Outstanding Chocolate" category,  Éclat's Assorted Caramels box was one out of six chosen for the prestigious sofi Silver Award.

"This was our first time entering this international competition and it is truly and honor to be awarded the sofi Silver." said Curtin. "We are excited about the new developments in our products and look forward to entering the competition next year and in the years to come."

Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin has perfected caramel to be what it should be - a heavenly explosion of flavor and artisanal genius. Éclat's caramels were previously acclaimed by food critic Jeffery Steingarten in Vogue Magazine as "World's Greatest Caramels." The award-winning Assorted Caramels box includes milk and dark chocolate caramels topped with fleur de sel sea salt, ginger caramel topped with a red Hawaiian volcanic sea salt, pear caramel, and calvados caramel. Caramels and assorted chocolates are sold as individual pieces ($2.00) or in 4-piece ($8.75), 12-piece ($21.75), or 20-piece ($35.75) boxes.

Éclat appeared in New York June 27th-29th with various unique chocolate flavor profiles including their European-style organic hot cocoa sticks, Aleppo Pink Peppercorn mendiants, and a brand new line of travel-inspired chocolate bars with an airport code theme. Held at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, the Fancy Food Show featured 180,000 specialty foods and beverages, 2,400 exhibitors from 77 countries, and over 24,000 attendees.



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