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Mosteller Garage contractor selected

West Chester Borough Council, at their June 17 meeting, unanimously chose the J.J. Deluca Company for the contract to replace the Mosteller garage. The final project cost came in $3,417,150 below the last estimate. The final cost, including parking controls and all of the alternates, is $12,056,850 total or $17,499.05 per space or $53.13 per square foot.

The new garage will be located at East Chestnut & North Walnut streets, the site of the current Mosteller Garage. It will be seven stories high, contain 689 parking spaces, and have a precast brick exterior, which is intended to make it blend in with the borough's historic downtown. There will also be a third elevator, better security, 'graffiti guard' treatment for the stairwells, and other amenities.

The current Mosteller Garage has 414 spaces and is in need of renovations. Instead of renovating it, council decided to build a new, bigger garage in its place.


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