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Marley & Me

Marley and Me - Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson - West Chester, PAThis is what it looked like May 20, 2008 on West Gay Street as film crews prepared a scene for the movie adaptation of Marley & Me. The snow wasn't real, but the feeling that we should be wearing our wintry clothing was. Then sometime around midnight, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson were seen frolicking through the pretend snow on their pretend wedding night for what is hoped to be one of the year's bigger movies. A couple of hundred spectators waited patiently for a glimpse of the stars but the crowd was kept at a safe distance (for the stars, anyway). Nevertheless, fun and excitement prevailed and no one had to worry about frostbite.

West Chester plays the part of Kalamazoo, Michigan. And we must say our fair Borough is relaxed and confident as it embraces the role of a handsome town during a freak summer snow storm.

The final scene was shot May 29 on Church Street and the filming was a wrap. Marley & Me opens December 25.


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