Founded in 2022 by Austin Piona, we’re more than a coffee shop. We’re a positive and welcoming environment here to shine a light on mental health and create community. We’re inspiring a sense of excitement and encouragement through a purposefully designed atmosphere all while serving great-tasting food and drinks to the community. We’re the vibrance and positivity of the west coast brought to West Chester, PA. We’re craft coffee and a curated shop. We’re fresh flowers and inspiring events. We’re Mayday and we’re here for you.

  • Small Business Weekend Sales:

    • 8am-9am: 40% Off Retail
    • 9am-10am: 30% Off Retail
    • 10am-4pm: 20% Off Retail

    Saturday & Sunday

    • 20% Off Retail all day long

    All Weekend

    • Buy a $100 gift card and get a free $25 gift card!
  • Address:
    123 N High Street

  • Hours:

    • Friday 8am-4pm
    • Saturday 8am-4pm
    • Sunday 8am-4pm