Operation Clean StreetsBy Malcolm Johnstone, Executive Director, with Elizabeth McGuire
West Chester Business Improvement District (BID)

September 29, 2017

West Chester PA — Perhaps the most difficult challenge facing the downtown is the cleanliness of the sidewalks. It’s not that there hasn’t been a great deal of focus and investment. Indeed, we’ve seen a number of BigBelly solar-powered compactors proliferate the downtown, and the West Chester BID has continued to coordinate downtown cleanup efforts with WCU’s community outreach coordinators as well as the Chester County District Courts. More than one-thousand volunteer hours are dedicated each year toward addressing this important issue.

[Image: West Chester University students regularly contribute time to Operation Clean Streets in downtown.]

We all love West Chester and enjoy the variety of restaurants, boutiques, and galleries along with the walkability of our beautiful downtown.  We all want to see it remain a clean and safe. But there are some who thoughtlessly discard bottles, cans, cups, newspapers, pizza boxes, and cigarette butts. The cigarette butts are the most bothersome. They often lodge between the bricks, making their removal even more difficult.  

It’s interesting how many people think cigarette butts are not litter.

While we applaud the collective volunteerism that we have seen over the years, there remains a lack of consistent and regular cleanup efforts, making a cleaner downtown among the more difficult goals of the BID. Fortunately, DGS Landscaping Company, which manages much of the flower beautification in the downtown, is now able to provide a large part of the downtown sidewalk cleaning. We believe their efforts will make a significant difference.

The BID will continue to work together with the business community to take action to make a positive impact on the cleanliness of downtown.

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