April 30, 2013 | Malcolm Johnstone

When I arrived in West Chester in 2001, the first event I attended was at the Chester County Historical Society (CCHS). It was one of those social events where everyone knew each other and I knew no one. A perfect excuse to explore. Turquoise and orange rooms, Horace Pippin folk art, interpretive displays telling the stories of area–it was an impressive introduction not only to West Chester but to the Brandywine Valley.

A few years later I participated on a CCHS committee to define the auditorium as a place for performances, weekend exhibits, public events and private parties. It would be called the Cultural Center at the Chester County Historical Society. Steve Pinkston developed the logo with a line-and-berry element, a characteristic Chester County design. It’s been an evolutionary process, slow sometimes, but always steady.

Cultural Center at CCHS

CCHS continues to move ahead and has now launched of an upgraded Cultural Center website. Designed with practicality and elegance for the visitor, this site offers accessible information about CCHS’s Facility Rental Program. Featuring event specific pages for wedding receptions, special events, corporate events and non-profit events, the site also exhibits testimonials from past renters. View online calendars for rental space availability and request additional information via an online request form. See it at ChesterCoHistorical.org/culturalcenter or contact Facility Sales Coordinator at 610-692-4800 ext. 230).

Rob Lukens, CCHS President, observed “the site and CCHS’s facility rental program ultimately contributes to cultural tourism and economic development opportunities in the Brandywine Valley.” With the new Warner Hotel, there’s certainly good opportunity for that.

And, of course, the three-story atrium, vaulted ceilings and hanging lanterns as well as the history of Chester County provide a unique setting. With a flattering visual impact this impressive venue is ideal for any event from a 300-person cocktail reception to an intimate sit-down dinner. Adjacent to shops, galleries, restaurants and distinctive lodging, its an ideal location.  

About CCHS
The Chester County Historical Society is a not-for-profit educational institution whose mission is to promote an understanding of the history of Chester County and southeastern Pennsylvania by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting that history and its relationship to the region, and nation beyond, to audiences of all ages and interests. For more information, call 610-692-4800 or visit ChesterCoHistorical.org.

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