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Support Our Restaurants And Take The Pledge

One of the most attractive features of Downtown West Chester, PA is the ability to walk out your door and enjoy many wonderful options to eat and drink that are just steps from your home or office.  With over 70 options to choose from you can find anything you want!  Now our restaurants are facing a huge crisis and they need your help.

We know that after this crisis is over, you will want your favorite restaurants and cafes to still be here to serve you, but that will take all of us doing our part now to ensure they remain open to greet us when better days return.

Take the West Chester Takeout Pledge and support a restaurant once or twice every week until we are back to normal!  Not only will you be helping to ensure your favorite place to eat remains in business, you are also helping out your friends and neighbors who own or are employed by our great restaurants.  And, it gives you a break from grocery shopping and cooking!

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