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Billboard MovieNovember 27, 2018  |  Malcolm Johnstone

West Chester PA — If sincerity could pay the bills, Casey Lindeweiler (played by John Robinson, pictured) would have had no trouble getting his deceased father’s “last independent radio station in Allentown” out of financial ruin. But his inexperience in the world of radio and hostile competition from a corporate station started working together to derail his efforts.

Thus is the basis for Zeke Zelker’s new movie Billboard, which had an exclusive screening at the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center last night.

Zelker, who wrote, directed, and produced the indie film, has scheduled a release for Spring of 2019. 

From the first moments of the film, Robinson portrays the lead character with measured enthusiasm and impeccable emotion. He provides the most engaging performance I’ve seen in a long time. Despite his character’s short comings, you can’t help but root for him along with the radio station team as they put together a half-baked publicity stunt to have contestants compete to see who can stay on a billboard deck the longest.

Zelker, who refers to Billboard as his latest cine•experience, was on hand to introduce the film and then have a discussion afterwards (Sandy Riper and yours truly were asked to provide real life situations reflected in the film). He also revealed some of the autobiographical moments, the evolution of the project (loosely based on an actual event and three years in the making), as well as some of his directorial techniques.

Billboard makes for a fulfilling viewing experience, and its Lehigh Valley locale adds to that. Mark your calendar.

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