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March 15, 2015 | Chief Scott BohnMalcolm Johnstone

West Chester PA — Chief of Police Scott Bohn had two reasons to be proud Saturday night at the Annual Assembly of the Police Chiefs Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania held in Philadelphia.

First, Chief Bohn was sworn in as the president of the Police Chiefs Association, which was created in 1934 to promote professionalism and cooperation among all levels of law enforcement. Scores of regional leaders and law enforcement officials were on hand to congratulate him.

At the same time, the latest police department report has demonstrated that crime has reached an all-time low in West Chester in 2014. Indeed, since Bohn took over as Chief of Police in 1999 — he’s now the longest serving Police Chief in the Borough’s history — serious crime has been reduced by 50-percent.

“We are committed to our core values of integrity, professionalism, leadership, and courage,” said Chief Bohn in prepared remarks. “Being committed to these values means we are promoting a safer community for everyone. . . . Our challenge is to re-evaluate, recommit, and renew our focus.”

He summed it all up with the statement that his appointment as the President of the Police Chiefs Association was a “privilage and honor.”

That is a sentiment we are pleased to share.

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