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Grand Opening is on First Friday, March 1

Nutrition Does ItFebruary 19, 2013 | Malcolm Johnstone

Nutrition Does It has opened at 113 North High Street. Guests can buy healthy breakfast and lunch alternatives in the form of aloe vera juice, herbal tea and shake.  

“It’s a nutrition club where people can come in, relax and sample our health products,” said Anita Vasko, the club owner.   

A certified health coach trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Anita says that she wants to guide people on their journey to their ultimate well-being one shake at a time.  

“We make well-being simple and enjoyable, she says. “At the club we help people to discover which food and diet plan works best for them.”

“We created a friendly and supportive environment in the club for people who want to get healthier,” Anita continues. “Those who want to loose weight, lower cholesterol without medication, or gain muscles mass can meet with me to discuss the right plan.”  

The initial conversation is free. Clients are asked to fill out a three page health history questionnaire.  Then short and long term goals are set with resources in various health topics are advised.

“It’s a personalized program for individuals,” she says. “And we provide ongoing support.”

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