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West Chester PA — The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry and its Center for Workforce Information & Analysis recently released an employment monthly report, and it speaks to how well Chester County is doing relative to the other counties in the state.

Three of perhaps the biggest indicators of Chester County’s prosperity are

>> Its per capita personal income is $71,971, while the rest of the state checks in at $47,679.
>> Its median household income is $86,093, while the rest of the state checks in at $53,115.
>> Its median family income is $106,222, while the rest of the state checks in at $67,521.

The most recent data also reveals that Chester County’s unemployment rate is just 3.8 percent, whereas the average in Pennsylvania is 5.3 percent. Only 10,400 people of the 272,000 people in the county’s workforce are jobless. The veteran unemployment rate in Chester County (9.5 percent), however, is higher than the Pennsylvania average (8.1 percent).

The most unemployment compensation exhaustees in Chester County work in the Professional & Business Services sector (25.5 percent), and the second most are in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (19.0 percent).

The entry-level and average wages in almost every major occupational group are higher in Chester County than they are in the rest of the commonwealth. For instance, the entry-level wage for a legal job is almost $10,000 higher in Chester County. Entry-level wages for management positions are roughly $9,000 higher as well, and that gap grows to almost $22,000 for average wages in that field.

Chester County saw an uptick in the percentage of online jobs posted in the last year, with 1.7 percent, while the rest of the state had a modest increase of 0.5 percent.

The Top 10 employers in the county are Vanguard, QVC, the County of Chester, the Federal Government, Chester County Hospital, Giant, Main Line Hospitals, the YMCA, the Devereux Foundation, and the State System of Higher Education.

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