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Steele House NutritionMarch 2, 2016 | By Elle Steinman

West Chester, PA — Not too long ago, Tavish Steele and his fiancée, Faith Daniels, each had safe and active careers in Des Moines, Iowa. But after visiting the east coast and discovering the beauty that Pennsylvania has to offer, they found themselves looking for a new place to settle. When they came across downtown West Chester for the first time, they were—as they say in the workout industry—pretty pumped.   

“We loved the hometown feel the downtown gave us,” Faith said. “It reminded me of where I grew up.”

Tavish previously managed a nutrition shop while competing in body building events (and he definitely has the muscles to prove it!). And Faith found herself working as a marketer for the dairy industry in Pennsylvania, which provided many insights into the area. She is involved with fitness and body building as well.

Steele House NutritionSo it was not stretch that they would open a nutrition store providing high quality products. There was a lot of hard work and more than a few late-night calzone breaks at Calio’s (conveniently located next door), to prepare the new shop, but Steele House Nutrition finally became a reality for them in January 2016, at 237 East Gay Street. Their storefront carries everything you need to get lean and fit (and they offer items featuring delicious flavors like vanilla ice cream and strawberry milk shake).

Steele House Nutrition carries mostly local products in order to promote local businesses within the area. This makes many of their products exclusive, being the only local retailer. Their products include a wide variety of protein powders, protein and energy bars, supplements, protein-packed pasta and other nutritional foods. They even offer exclusive breakfast protein flavors such as “Apple Jacked,” and “Lean Charms”.

Steele House NutritionWith so many harsh chemicals in today’s food industry, Steele House Nutrition strives to feature products with transparent ingredients and a higher nutritional content. This includes products that are naturally sweetened, gluten free, BPA-free—and taste better too!

If you’ve seen them at one of their recent demo sessions, you’ve surely noticed their four-legged friend Rhea. She became a part of the Steele House Nutrition team after a visit to the Brandywine SPCA, and has since been a beloved and loyal sidekick. Rhea happily greets customers as they enter the store, and often accompanies to local gyms and other places to help hand out samples, information, and of course, lots of doggy kisses. 

Steele House Nutrition


Steele House Nutrition is open 10am-8pm Monday-Friday, and 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. For more information visit their website, call 515-570-3678, or email

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