Team West ChesterNovember 1, 2014 | Malcolm Johnstone

West Chester PA — Mayor Carolyn Comitta and Team West Chester achieved new heights in more ways than one to raise funds for West Chester girls to attend Outward Board.

Pictured (L-R) is Allison Snavely-Villano of Fig West Chester, Council President Jordan Norley, Mayor Carolyn Comitta, and Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce President Mark Yoder, who each repelled 31-stories down One Liberty Place in Philadelphia with 125 other crazy people. But the important thing is they exceeded their goal to raise $8,000.

The mayor ended up being the highest individual fundraiser in the event. “That’s only made possible by our caring and generous community,” she said. “And the team is over $10,000 with more coming in!”

Together with other teams in the region, more than a quarter-million dollars was raised.

“We want to help girls close the confidence gap and these challenging Outward Bound courses have proven to be life changing for many,” said Mayor Comitta. “I took an Outward Bound mountaineering course as a young woman, and the confidence, trust and leadership skills I developed long ago on that mountain serve me well to this day.”

The Mayor went on to say that she thanks everyone in the community for their support. “Everyone contributed so much to our community, and it truly helps our West Chester girls,”she said.

Congratulations to Mayor Comitta and Team West Chester for a job well done and supporting West Chester girls!

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