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June 6, 2013 | Malcolm Johnstone

If there was ever an event that developed organically–or in this case, a series of events–it’s Super Week. There were no meetings to strategize what it would look like; no list of who would do what; no official decree that it should even exist. It just happened.

In the beginning, there was Super Weekend, an idea promoted by Kathleen McBratney, the former West Chester Parks & Recreation director who passed away too soon a few years back. Super Weekend was simply the clustering of Swingin’ Summer Thursday, Gallery Walk, and Super Sunday on the first weekend of June.

Then the calendar split the weekend events into two weekends. More events were added to bridged the weekends into what became an entire kick-off week for the summer. All that needed to happen was to temporarily end the ‘end’ in Weekend and voila! — Super Week!

And that’s the way it should be, an evolution of compatible parts into a united whole. It’s another example of the energy West Chester has with dozens of events every year bringing people together to enjoy West Chester as a fun and attractive place.

We simply set the stage.


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