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Updated: January 11, 2018 | Malcolm Johnstone


Concept view of the current proposed development, 44 WEST, from the northwest corner of Gay & Church looking southeast.

West Chester PA — On Thursday, November 15, 2018, demolition of the old “Mosteller Building” began at the corner of Gay & Church Streets.

On November 5, 2018, construction crews installed security fencing around the perimeter of the project, and along the eastern half of Church Street. A traffic lane will remain open on Church Street during construction, with only periodic closures. No interruption of traffic will occur on Gay Street.

Sidewalks will be closed only at the construction site, and all other sidewalks will remain open.

Eli Kahn, the developer, recently met with property and business owners in the area to talk about the 44,000 square foot mixed-use structure (office and retail), known as 44 WEST.

The development will have a plaza that includes public art, as well as a two-level courtyard fountain with cascading water. The fountain will be open year-round with heated water in the winter.

West Chester Borough Council made final approval for the 44 WEST development project on October 16, 2018. E. Kahn Development Corporation and JLoew & Associates are the developers.

The former Mosteller structures had become blighted and were part of the Chester County offices, which relocated.

See History of the “Mosteller Corner” in West Chester by Jim Jones.

Originally published October 10, 2014

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