Contact: Malcolm Johnstone

West Chester BID

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Work on the project now continues with excavation and installation of new granite curbs on the west side of Church between Gay and Miner Streets. New streetlights continue to be installed.

Parking will be limited during construction.

Construction may be scheduled without notice.

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Church Street Improvement Project is installing new sidewalks, curbs, trash containers, lampposts, and trees on Church Street between Chestnut and Miner Streets.

Marino Corporation is the contractor. While there is the normal disruption of installing new sidewalks, every effort is made to keep access to the front doors of buildings.

The $1.4-million project is funded by the Chester County Department of Community Development, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and West Chester Borough.

Please direct questions by e-mail to Malcolm Johnstone at or call 610-738-3350.


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