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This week’s “Business Spotlight” is Tsaocaa, which is located at 18 N High Street! We sat down with the owner, Nick Zheng, to get the inside scoop.

1. Tell me about your store and any particular things you believe make it unique.

Tsaocaa (pronounced Tsao-Cha) is locally owned by myself and my cousin James, who has been living in West Chester for about 15 years. What makes us different than other bubble tea shops is that we use fresh products, we love feedback from customers, and we like to figure out what the locals enjoy and improve from there. Personally, I love that we are often referred to as “the shop that you can’t pronounce the name” by a lot of our customers because it makes us unique!

2. What services or products do you offer?

Our most popular item is bubble tea (a mixture of black tea, milk, and sugar with a topping of tapioca pearls), but we also offer a variety of different flavors of tea, non-dairy products, desserts, and we just introduced some appetizers!

3. How long have you been in business?

We opened in June 2021.

4. What do you love most about being located in West Chester?

We love the community, customers, friends, and family that live here!

5. What can you tell me about the culture or atmosphere of your store?

A lot of customers have said that our shop is really cute, welcoming, laid-back, and that our team members are very friendly!

6. Is there anything else you would like to share about your store?

We do our best to be eco-friendly! Our cups and lids are all reusable and we always encourage people to recycle. To learn more about us and what drinks we offer, follow us on social media at @tsaocaawestchester!

About the author : Rebecca Schmidt