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This week’s “Business Spotlight” is Premier Personal Training, which is located at 142 E Gay Street! We sat down with the General Manager, Brian Pizzini.

1. Tell me about your store and any particular things you believe make it unique.

Since 1995, we have been providing one-on-one personal training to clients in our studio gym setting. We have been able to have this longevity due to seeking out the most qualified trainers and providing “above and beyond” service to our clients. Members here become part of Premier’s extended family and develop long-term and meaningful relationships with the staff and the other clients, all while receiving the ultimate fitness experience.

2. What services or products do you offer?

We exclusively offer one-on-one personal training. Each session is one hour long. For a beginning client, we offer a free consultation and complimentary first session in which we use that time to do a physical assessment of the new potential client. We have the ability and experience to work with clients of any fitness level as well as the ability to help physical therapy patients continue with corrective and strength exercises in order to remain pain-free.

We aim to deliver the ultimate service and experience the fitness community can offer. We take the time to pre-plan each workout before the client arrives in order to achieve the ideal individualized experience. We prioritize safety and sanitation before, during, and after each workout, and on a daily basis. We will do our best to work around the client’s busy schedule in order to accommodate their workouts each and every week.

3. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for 27 years!

4. What do you love most about being located in West Chester?

We love the downtown atmosphere with the hustle and bustle of shoppers, restaurant-goers, and exploring visitors. Being a business in the heart and soul of West Chester is really a dream come true for any small business owner. I truly have comfort in knowing that our business is in the center of a growing town!

5. What can you tell me about the culture or atmosphere of your store?

We encompass many aspects of being a small business while staying modernized in the world of fitness knowledge and experience. Many of our clients are people that have planted their roots in the West Chester area and we have become a place where people can truly find a unique exercise experience without all of the “smoke and mirrors” which have become all too common in this industry. We are the perfect match for a person brand new to exercise that prefers the privacy of our studio gym. We are also a perfect match for the fitness fanatic looking for a new and unique challenge!

6. Is there anything else you would like to share about your store?

Over the years, we have hired many exercise science grads from West Chester University and we feel lucky to have such an excellent school in our community for that particular major. We also commonly have interns attending WCU on our staff.

To learn more about us, visit our website at or follow us on social media at @premier_west_chester.

About the author : Rebecca Schmidt