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For this week’s “Business Spotlight” we sat down with Peter Mavrides, co-owner of LeBerger, which is located at 125 N Church Street!


1. Tell me about your store and any particular things you believe make it unique.

LeBerger is a French boutique that combines the classy and sophisticated fashion from French African designer, Mia Nassini, and the paintings that I have found from talented artists across the globe. My eye is my art, represented by the paintings I choose, unlike Mia, whose art is her personal creations.


2. What services or products do you offer?

As a fashion retail store, we have a variety of jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, and clothing. In the summer of 2020, we added an art gallery to LeBerger’s boutique identity.


3. How long have you been in business?

In October 2019, Mia opened LeBerger (French for shepherd) at 125 North Church Street. Though her store was beautifully merchandised and decorated, like all creative people, she felt like something more was needed. Mia and I met soon after while attending a business event at Spogue Kitchen in Wayne, PA. It was there that she saw the paintings I had imported as they decorated the walls of Spogue’s five sample kitchens. Our mutual interest was obvious to us both and we soon began planning to add the art gallery to LeBerger.


4. What do you love most about being located in West Chester?

Mia looked at many locations, but (as a blessing in disguise) she settled in West Chester. It proved to be a superior move! Not only is West Chester becoming the capital of the Main Line, but it is also sophisticated and safe, with many major roads and highways nearby to draw in crowds.


5. Is there anything else you would like to share about your store?

To see our current inventory, check out our website (, follow us on social media @lebergerstore, or come visit us at 125 N Church Street!

About the author : Rebecca Schmidt