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ParkingJuly 14, 2015 | Malcolm Johnstone

West Chester PA — The West Chester Parking Department has announced that they will be replacing the parking meters throughout town. A defect has caused some meters to not work properly during certain climate conditions.

“We want to ensure that visitors parked at meters can count on a meter that’s fully operational at all times,” said Pamela Grossman, Parking Department Director. “There will be no disruption of services during the maintenance period, so all metered parking will continue to be usable.”

The replacement and maintenance project will take place through August, she said.

The “smart meters” now used throughout the Borough provide added convenience with several options for payment:

  • Quarters: 10-minutes for each quarter up to three hours
  • Credit cards: $0.75 per half-hour up to three hours, no surcharge.
  • From your mobile phone: use PassportParking Mobile Pay (
  • Pay-by-phone: 610-628-4255 (mobile with text ability).
  • Lots 9 and 10 use kiosks which take quarters or credit cards and provide long-term parking.

Metered/kiosk parking is enforced from 8am to 10pm Monday-Wednesday; 8am to 12am Thursday & Friday; 5pm to 12am Saturday. There is a 3-hour limit at the on-street meters downtown.

In case you’re running a little late, when the time on the meter/kiosk has expired there is a 5-minute grace period. After that, parked cars are subject to an overtime parking ticket.

More parking information can be found at:

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