We are a charitable organization, with a mission to raise funds for local good works. (A full list of our current “giving” is posted in our shop at 10 South Church Street.) We take consignments and donations of household goods. These items tend to be either antique, vintage or modern, gently used articles. We often have dish sets, kitchenware, pictures, and glassware from various eras and jewelry.

Today, we continue the tradition of our predecessors. We sell items for consignors, in part for ladies who wanted to sell goods they no longer had a use for, in a reputable venue. Each Exchange operates individually and they don’t all sell the same goods. Some sell just large furniture or offer baked goods or crafts for sale. We have primarily focused on the home goods for as long as we have been running.

Each sale donates a percentage of the transaction to a charity. The percentage that is donated depends on how long the item has been on the shelves in our store. It is through these donations that we can raise enough money to make our annual donations to local charity associations.

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    10 S Church Street
    West Chester, PA 19382
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