Dr. Sharon Kelly is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in individual therapy, couples counseling, and life coaching. She supports clients of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Kelly has over twenty years of experience with adults, children, adolescents, and couples. Many clients seek therapy for help with distress relating to a current problem or difficult transition in their lives. She accepts clients with extremely challenging issues or behavioral problems as well as others seeking improved self-awareness and personal growth. All sessions are completely confidential.

Therapy is intended to be safe, non-threatening, and confidential opportunity for individuals to make positive and healthy improvements to their lives. Dr. Kelly’s approach is supportive and interpersonal with influences from psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapies. Meaningful, lasting changes often occur when individuals become aware of the unconscious influences from past events in their lives. Therapy may also promote specific skills and understanding to enable further improvement. For persistent concerns or more resistant and deeply-rooted personal issues, long-term exploratory therapy may be appropriate.

Call or email (drsharonkelly@villagepsychology.com) for confidential inquiries or to schedule an appointment. Hours by appointment only.

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