Since 1995, we have been providing one-on-one personal training to clients in our studio gym setting. We have had this longevity due to seeking out the most qualified trainers and providing “above and beyond” service to our clients. Members here become part of Premier’s extended family and develop long-term and meaningful relationships, all while receiving the ultimate fitness experience!

We exclusively offer one-on-one personal training. Each session is one hour long. For a beginning client, we offer a free consultation and a complimentary first session in which we use that time to do a physical assessment. We have the ability and experience to work with clients of any fitness level as well as the ability to help physical therapy patients continue with corrective and strength exercises in order to remain pain-free.

We aim to deliver the ultimate service and experience the fitness community can offer. We take the time to pre-plan each workout before the client arrives and do our best to work around the client’s busy schedule.

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    142 E Gay Street
    West Chester, PA 19380
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