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Efficient IP, Inc., is a Delaware corporation based in West Chester, Pennsylvania (USA). EIP Americas primary focus is to distribute and service Efficient IP’s best in class DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) services and solutions in the Americas.

“Our move into the Americas is in direct response to a growing demand for our solutions from the Americas in general and in particular from the US market,” said David Williamson, Efficient IP, SAS, CEO. “The establishment of Efficient IP, Inc., enables us to deliver our solutions directly to the largest IT market on the planet.”

Efficient IP’s planning and funding activities coupled with impressive 2012 results have allowed the company to accelerate its expansion strategy for 2013.  EIP Americas is lead by Mark Anthony (CEO), and Chris Pyne (Vice President of Sales) both tenured DDI veterans.
“We are providing outstanding account management and services to our growing list of customers and have every confidence in our plan and in our ability to execute a solid growth strategy,” added Anthony.

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Efficient IP, SAS is headquartered in Paris, France and Efficient IP, Inc. (EIP Americas) is headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA with offices and strategic partnerships throughout the world.

Pioneers of the advanced SmartArchitecture™ approach and process, Efficient IP offers SOLIDserver™ hardware and virtual appliances, for IP Address Management, DNS and DHCP services.

Efficient IP develops, distributes and services the global market with its best in class DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management Services (DDI).  Efficient IP solutions have been selected by thousands of the most demanding organizations across a spectrum of commercial verticals and government sectors.

For further information, please visit: EfficientIP.com

From News Release, April 10, 2013


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