Join the Revolution! Born from the historic roots of the Brandywine Valley region, and incubated on a Revolutionary War-era farm with recipes crafted with local farm ingredients, The Artillery Brewing Company product line ranges from open-fermented Bohemian lagers and light ales through richly-flavored IPAs, various Belgian and German styles, and special-release ales. We care about every product we make, and we think you’ll taste the difference.

Our Battlefield Ales series are named after the great Revolutionary battlefields from all along the former colonies, and borrow stylistic cues from recipes of the American Revolution and bring them to the modern day with today’s brewing techniques.

Our West Chester taproom, called The Barracks, sits on the west end of the Borough. We are located at 333 Granite Alley, accessible from the backside of Granite Alley, a straight shot down from Gay Street.

  • Address:

    333 Granite Alley
    West Chester, PA 19380
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