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Historic Photography Contest

Congratulations to the 2017 Historic Photography Contest Winners!

On May 18, 2017, West Chester Borough Council recognized each student for their achievement.

1st Place Exteriors, Matt Dakin, 8th Grade
Location of Photo: 15 S High St, West Chester

Historic Photography Contest
"I took this picture with my smart phone. I liked the combination of brick and stone used on the building. I liked the details near the top of the building with the wording, as well as the brick."

2nd Place Exteriors, Claudia Frankfurth, 8th Grade
Location of Photo: 320 N Church St, West Chester

Historic Photography Contest
"I liked this photo because of the side angle it was taken at and the simple color scheme. I took this photo on my digital camera when I was on a walk around West Chester. My teacher talked about this building and I was intrigued by its background about books."

3rd Place Exteriors, Rachel Virtue, 11th Grade
Location of Photo: 132 E Gay St, West Chester

Historic Photography Contest
"I had no idea what I wanted to take a picture of, but I knew I wanted to capture the beauty of West Chester. I was walking down the street and admiring how unique this town was, I walked past a store and couldn't help but love the amazing colors as well as flowers that set this building apart from the rest. I then knew that this was the perfect picture to send in because it shows the uniqueness and beauty of the town that I love."

Honorable Mention Exteriors, Siena Vestri, 8th Grade

Historic Photography Contest
"I took my picture at the statue of Old Glory. I liked this picture because it captured the beauty of the monument, along with the flag and the background of the clock tower on the justice building. I had to lay on the ground to get the specific angle I took, and that was a bit chilly, but completely worth it."

Honorable Mention Exteriors, Max McMinn, 8th Grade
Location of Photo: 309 N Franklin Street, West Chester

Historic Photography Contest
"I liked the detailing of the house, but the colors are what attracted me to take a picture. The green makes it blend in with its surroundings and the purple makes it pop out. I was surprised to see such a unique house in West Chester."


1st Place Interiors, Abby Oswald, 8th Grade
Location of Photo: 225 N High St, West Chester

Historic Photography Contest
"This picture was taken inside the West Chester Historical Society. Along with enjoying the room in general, I loved the contrast between the reddish brown of the wood, the light yellow, and the pattern on the wall. It also shows some of the beautiful old furniture displayed at the museum."


1st Place Digitally Enhanced, Abby Virtue, 8th Grade
Location of Photo: 323 E Gay St, West Chester

Historic Photography Contest
"To take this photo, I used my phone and an editing app, while I was eating at one of my favorite places in West Chester, Rita's Water Ice. I chose to take this photo in this location because I go here during the summer, and it is a fond memory of mine. This photo attracted me because of the pop of color it brings to the photo. My sisters and I always wait for the day that Rita's Water Ice opens again."

2nd Place Digitally Enhanced, James McDonald, 9th Grade
Location of Photo: Philips Memorial Building, West Chester University

Historic Photography Contest
"Frederick Douglass is one of my favorite figures in history, so it really drew my attention to take a picture of this. Once I took the photo, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful sky, and how I was able to fit both Frederick's sculpture and the Philips Memorial Building in the back. I really like how the bricks of the building really pop out of the picture."


1st Place Details, Annalise DeVito, 8th Grade
Location of Photo: 121 E Virginia Ave, West Chester

Historic Photography Contest
"I love taking photos of staircases that cascade at a cool angle. While on a walking tour with my National History Day group, I saw this one house, so I decided to take a photo."

2nd Place Details, Katelyn McKenna, 8th Grade
Location of Photo: Philips Autograph Library, West Chester University

Historic Photography Contest
"This is a picture of the door leading into the library. I took this picture because the details of the hardware and woodwork really caught my attention!"



For more information, contact Joana Arruda, National History Day Coordinator, or Mary Galligan, National History Day Advisor at, or visit

WC BIDThe West Chester Business Improvement District is a proud sponsor of National History Day which believes student interpretation of our rights and responsibilities will lead to a better understanding of our place in history. Contact Malcolm Johnstone at 610-738-3350 with any questions.


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